[Samba] Single Sign On, authentication, and Windows XP Home

Matt Lozier mlozier at spindletopoil.com
Fri Dec 21 20:11:22 GMT 2007



I have a small (medium?) sized network of about 30 XP machines.  About 2/3
of these machines are running Home Ed. while the other 1/3 are running
Professional Ed.  


I currently have two samba shares, and I'm using 'user' security.


I want to implement single sign on, some way, somehow.  I've considered: NIS
and LDAP, but I can't get the NIS pGina plugin to work with my NIS server,
and LDAP seems like a beast to setup, though I'm willing to go for it if it
means that I'll be able to get SSO working.  


Does any one have any suggestions / recommendations?






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