[Samba] samba 3.0.28 and dropboxes

CJ Keist cj.keist at colostate.edu
Fri Dec 21 16:37:47 GMT 2007

    UNIX permissions are all set correctly, 2733.  Full access for the 
user that owns the dropbox folder, and just write and execute for group 
and other.  With set gid enabled.  User accounts in UNIX and Windows 
domains are the same.
    Everything else with the share works fine.  Just not to these 
dropbox folders with 2733 permissions.  If set to 2773, giving group 
read/write then everyone in the group can copy files into the dropbox. 
But that is not the function we want. We only want the owner of the 
dropbox having read access.
    Again this all worked great in samba-3.0.6a, so looking like I'm 
going to have to revert to the older version as dropbox folder 
functionality is imperative for us.

New options I have enabled for the share to try and make this work are:
inherit permission = yes
inherit owner = yes
dos filemode = yes

John Drescher wrote:
> On Dec 21, 2007 10:12 AM, CJ Keist <cj.keist at colostate.edu> wrote:
>> "no longer working" is you can no longer move or copy files into the
>> dropbox folder from Windows 2000, XP, Vista or even MacOSX.  You get
>> access denied error.
> Have you verified that that unix permissions allow writing for the admin group?
> John

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