[Samba] Using "include" for shares between servers

Roel van Meer rolek at alt001.com
Fri Dec 21 13:44:03 GMT 2007

Roach, Duane writes:

> My question is how, or if, I can start/stop the smb-XXX.conf files
> separately so that as an application moves between the HA servers so
> does the share.

You can include the smb-XXX.conf and just change the content 
through your HA monitoring application. We use a static smb.conf and a 
separate part that is managed via a web frontend. Whenever the included part 
changes, samba's config is updated automatically.

You could also move the smb-XXX.conf in or out of place, or rename them, 
based on whether or not that particular server is active. The included file 
does not *need* to be present, it is only used if it is there.

However, no matter your setup, IMHO the trigger for the changes should come 
from your HA setup.



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