[Samba] Samba Browsing List

Net Warrior netwarrior863 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 14:33:21 GMT 2007

HI there guys, I,m having the same problem like this guys in the link
bellow, but noone aswered it.


Do no know what really happened in my configuration, the day after I was
able to add machines to the domain and the like,
yesterday I could not, and I'm having the same problem, the smbclient -L
localhost shows only my machine, is this related to samba
or can I thinks that this is something external to samba?, the firewall is
down, policy accept by default, I'm using samba with
ldap as a backend

The machine is debian etch with samba 3.0.24,  when I try to add a user to
the domain it comlain ( win machine ) that the user doesn exist
or wrong password, genten passwd and groiup show susers and machines.

Any clue what can I check?

Thanks in advance.

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