[Samba] Unanswered question

Ari Constancio ari.constancio at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 09:48:59 GMT 2007

On Dec 20, 2007 4:20 AM, Michael Dykstra <m.dykstra at yahoo.com> wrote:
> How long does one have to typically wait for an answer to a post?
>   Tomorrow my message will have been up a week, and I've gotten no replies.
>   It was about whether a file, while it was being written to, could subsequently be opened by another client for reading.  I used a DVR with chasing play as an example.  Didn't seem like that difficult of a question, but maybe it isn't geeky enough for some.  (Or perhaps the answer is "No" and people are too embarrassed to admit Samba can't do it.)
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Hello Michael,

With open source projects, people involved are volunteering their time
and skills.
As such, people asking for help shouldn't really _demand_  for answers
(of course, if you want to demand anything, there are plenty of
companies giving Samba support - not free, I'm afraid).

Please handle it gently :). If Samba can't do it, you'll be told
upfront (no one will be embarassed).

Ari Constancio

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