[Samba] SAMBA under window?

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Thu Dec 20 02:10:37 GMT 2007

hce wrote:
> On Dec 20, 2007 9:14 AM, Hugo Monteiro <hugo.monteiro at fct.unl.pt> wrote:
>> I happen to know there was a port of an early version of samba (version
>> 2.0.10 stripped down) to a system that operates on embedded devices,
>> such as a large set of wireless access points/routers using a certain
>> broadcom board. Google for samba + openwrt. I'm not sure your "small"
>> linux systems use the same architecture, but it's at least a good
>> starting point IMHO.
> Thanks Hugo, it is good to know and I'll try this. Also thanks for all
> other responses, your professional comments are greate approciated.

I have a port of samba 3.0.25b for embedded devices running openwrt.  It 
takes anywhere from 500K to about 4 MB depending on what you need and 
the architecture you built it for.

I'll be out of touch for about a week; if you still need it let me know 
around New Years.


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