[Samba] Problem with date created attribute

David Lee silnbnt at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 19 23:48:24 GMT 2007

Thanks for the reply. After a bit of digging I found that FreeBSD does support a 'created' timestamp field for a file, but it seems (and I could be mistaken) that Samba doesn't take advantage of it. 

An example: When I copy over a file it will not copy the 'created' timestamp from the original, but Samba will copy the 'modified' timestamp. Once the file is on the FreeBSD server Samba clones the last 'modified' timestamp into the 'created' timestamp field. So there are two field's with the same values.

When you view the file attributes on Samba from a windows or mac machine the 'created' timestamp and the 'modified' timestamp are always the same. Luckily, I when you view the fields in FreeBSD itself, the new 'created' timestamp doesn't change even if you modify/view/access the file. (Just as it should). But the date created is now set to the original (precopy) 'modified' timestamp, instead of the 'created' timestamp.

So if we look at the file attributes on Samba from a windows or mac machine, I noticed that both 'created' and 'modified' fields are always the same, even if from FreeBSD's point of view it's not. 

It seems that Samba doesn't take advantage of this attribute in FreeBSD. Am I mistaken?

Any suggestions?
Oh btw I've tried this on two different Samba servers. Same result.

Mark Adams <mark at campbell-lange.net> wrote: How did you copy the files? If you stat them in bsd are the date  
attribs right?


On 18 Dec 2007, at 00:51, David Lee  wrote:

> I'm having trouble with files moved to my FreeBSD Samba server from  
> either Mac OS X or Windows. When I move the files the date the files  
> were originally created do not get copied. I looked into FreeBSD to  
> see if a date created attribute was supported; from the stat man  
> pages and the field specifier 'B' it seems so, but I can't confirm  
> for sure.
> Is there a solution for this or is it not possible?
> Thanks
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