[Samba] SAMBA under window?

Hugo Monteiro hugo.monteiro at fct.unl.pt
Wed Dec 19 22:14:40 GMT 2007

hce wrote:
> On Dec 19, 2007 12:27 PM, Curtis Maloney <cmaloney at cardgate.net> wrote:
>> hce wrote:
>>> It is actually to mount a dumb linux device to a window file system,
>>> just like to mount an usb stick to the window file system. Yes, if the
>>> linux device (without samba on it) can be mounted by a window file
>>> syste, then the window can config the linux device, modify data and
>>> transfer data to it.
>> So, your actual goal is to allow remote configuration of these Linux devices?
>> Why must it be done via mounting them like a disk?  There are many simpler
>> options that would require less code.
>>> Please let me know if above explanation is still insufficient.
>> You keep talking about mounting these devices... I don't see why you're so hung
>> up on this approach.  Why must they be treated like a disk?  Why can't you, for
>> instance, have them accept config updates via a simple web interface?  Or use
>> dropbear and scp the files into place?  Or put a FTP server on them?
>> Why take the very complex route of mounting a remote filesystem?
> Yes, you are right, there are many solutions if you are a computer
> skilled people or at least can play anothing on the computers. I am a
> linux user myself, I can do whatever you want to play from my linux
> box, I don't even need windows. But what about those who can only run
> window file system, and only simply copy or delete files from the
> window file systm, who has no idea to intall and run window ssh, scp
> or ftp? (please don't ask me again why I should support them.)
> My questions were:
> (a) if we have some solution to install Samba to a window system or not;

You don't need to install samba on a windows system to access a remote 
samba share. You just use your regular windows explorer to do that.

> (b) if there is small size of mini samba I can use to port it to a
> small linux device?

I happen to know there was a port of an early version of samba (version 
2.0.10 stripped down) to a system that operates on embedded devices, 
such as a large set of wireless access points/routers using a certain 
broadcom board. Google for samba + openwrt. I'm not sure your "small" 
linux systems use the same architecture, but it's at least a good 
starting point IMHO.

> Clearly (a) has been answed, (b) is still not sure.
> Thank you.
> Kind Regards,
> Jim

Hopefully i was able to help.


Hugo Monteiro.

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