[Samba] Problems printing

Lutieri G. lutierigbtrabalho at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 17:35:26 GMT 2007


I've a samba version 3.0.25a and cups version 1.2.7 running on a solaris box.

I'm using samba to share drivers and printrers to windows xp and 2k clients.
OK. Some days i got samba stoped and my logs has a lot of this messages:

create_policy_hnd: ERROR: too many handles (1025) on this pipe.

Last week a change log level to 10 to a specific client and I got 218
printer handles in use. But sometimes this number increase very quick
and samba stop to responde. Then after restart the service all come
back to normal.

I think 218 handles opened is a number very high. Because In other
situations i can see just 4 or 5 handles opened.

here is the log file: http://www.cgtee.gov.br/se1003.log.n10.128handles

In additional, sudenlly, others printers and clients, some times,
show same problem even using different drivers.

Here is the drivers used for the printer:

I'm using drivers for windows XP/2k.

I hope someone can help me.

thaks a lot!
Lutieri G. B.

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