[Samba] SAMBA under window?

Curtis Maloney cmaloney at cardgate.net
Wed Dec 19 03:17:25 GMT 2007

hce wrote:
> Yes, you are right, there are many solutions if you are a computer
> skilled people or at least can play anothing on the computers. I am a
> linux user myself, I can do whatever you want to play from my linux
> box, I don't even need windows. But what about those who can only run
> window file system, and only simply copy or delete files from the
> window file systm, who has no idea to intall and run window ssh, scp
> or ftp? (please don't ask me again why I should support them.)

So, instead of developing a point-and-drool remote configuration tool, or a 
simple web configuration interface, you'd rather go the complex path of mounting 
remote file systems?

WHY WHY WHY are you so fixed on mounting file systems, instead of investigating 
other options to allow untrained users to change the configuration?  Hell, 
asking your average Windows user to edit or produce a plain text file can be 
difficult enough.

I give up... you seem hell bent on mounting remote file systems, so I'll leave 
you to figure it out.

Curtis Maloney
cmaloney at cardgate.net

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