[Samba] Prevent drag and drop within Samba shares

Michael Heydon michaelh at jaswin.com.au
Tue Dec 18 23:03:17 GMT 2007

Alex de Vaal wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there a parameter in smb.conf that prevent users to use drag and drop
> within Samba shares?
Not really.
> I know this is a Winedow$ function, but some users (hum, hum) use Explorer
> to open their files and accidentally they drag and drop sometimes a
> directory in the root of the share to another directory in the root of the
> share.
> ...
> If a user is member of dep_rhel4_adm and dep_rhel4_fog he/she is able to
> drag and drop the fog directory into the adm directory.
> If it is not possible to configure this within smb.conf, can I do something
> on the Linux side?
In this example, you could remove the users' write access to /data/grp 
which would prevent them from moving fog. Obviously this wouldn't 
protect files further down in the directory tree. If the user has the 
ability to create and delete files, they have the ability to move them.

While it doesn't solve the problem, I have found that having an online 
backup (I use rsync to backup to another server) makes it much easier to 
see what has been moved and put things right as you can quickly compare 
the old directory structure to the current one.
> Thanx for any answer.
> Alex.
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