[Samba] File name symbols

Vitaly Protsko villy at sft.ru
Tue Dec 18 18:50:37 GMT 2007


I have following situation:
3.0.27a works perfectly, speedy NAS server in AD domain

But we decided to make backup of a whole users file junk
to this speedy NAS. Near all files have names in russian.

What I see: "unix charset = UTF8" makes characters in
file names as ":d0:c1" for one (ok, understandable), but
"unix charset = koi8r" makes only one-byte ":ee".

Filesystem accepts bytes, not chars from some charset in

The problem in long file names - 3 chars instead of one!
Many files in our archive have longer than 100-byte names.

Why convert bytes, if they are accepted by filesystem?
Can it be controlled from smb.conf ?


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