[Samba] samba upgrades deletes printer driver pointers / 3.0.24 to 3.0.28 upgrade, lost printers

Michael Heydon michaelh at jaswin.com.au
Mon Dec 17 22:59:35 GMT 2007

Dale Schroeder wrote:
> Michael / Dave,
> Since the two of you are having similar problems, I thought I would 
> respond to both at the same time.  I cannot tell from your messages if 
> your Samba/CUPS setup is similar to mine or not.
I don't think the problems are quite the same (the printers that remain 
on my system still have fully functional drivers). Although I guess 
damage to the printers database could be responsible in both cases.

> I started experiencing this problem on Debian lenny systems at either 
> 3.0.26a or 3.0.27.  It has continued to 3.0.28.  In my case, it only 
> affected systems in which I had compiled CUPS from the sources at 
> cups.org.  On the systems where both packages came from Debian, I have 
> experienced no problems.  On the affected systems, no amount of 
> restarting samba and CUPS would fix the problem.  To bring them back I 
> had to reboot the system; and in some cases, there was a lag time 
> after the reboot before the printers reappeared.  I do not have an 
> explanation; maybe someone else can offer one.
My cups and the new samba package were all official slackware releases 
(in most cases slackware packages are extremely close to the official 
releases, customisations are kept to a minimum), my old samba .24 
package was from source. I don't believe the custom package had any 
printer related tweaks (is it possible to find the configure options 
used to generate a binary?).

I haven't been able to reboot the system, I will give it a try on Friday 
and see what happens.

Good luck Dave :)

> Dale
> Michael Heydon wrote:
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> Dave wrote:
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