[Samba] stand alone winbind deamon services via apis

Shirish Pargaonkar shirishpargaonkar at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 18:33:05 GMT 2007


When I mount a cifs share from Windows server onto a linux client, all
I am interested in is sid to uid and gid and vice versa mapping.

Can I accomplish that using just windbind and not samba server and
nmbd i.e. have a windbind.conf file with the pertinent stanza!

Say I just give the Windows share server name/ip address and sid to
winbind deamon via one of its existing APIs, can it return me an id
and whether that id is gid or uid and a name associated with that id
(with or without Domain prefix)?

It may be possible to this like smbcacls does, via LSA protocol?
If so, I will to take care of the database and mapping etc. right?


Shirish S. Pargaonkar

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