[Samba] samba passwords and ldap + telnet..

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon Dec 17 08:08:39 GMT 2007

Hi all, 
This is maybe not the play to ask, but i'll just ask.
I googled a lot but im stuck.. 

Im having samba 3.0.26a on a debian etch server with ldap.
Im using a setup like the idealx setup. ( samba pdc + ldap ) 
I have replicated my ldap database to a other server. On this server im
a database application running and my users must login 
with telnet on this server.
Now my problem, Everything works perfectly, exept 1 thing.
my samba users are unable to login on server 2 with telnet.
I have the pam modules configured, but im still unable to login.
I have no errors, execpt 1.
this one: 
Dec 17 08:52:38 ms249-lin-005 login[1680]: pam_ldap: error trying to bind as
user "uid=testuser,ou=Users,dc=locale,dc=domain,dc=internal" (Invalid
Dec 17 08:52:38 ms249-lin-005 login[1680]: (pam_unix) authentication
failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=pts/1 ruser=
rhost=PCNAME,locale,domain,internal"  user=testuser
Dec 17 08:52:40 ms249-lin-005 login[1680]: FAILED LOGIN (1) on 'pts/1' from
PCNAME,locale,domain,internal"' FOR `testuser', Authentication failure

i've spent 2 days now and im cant find my problem.
I hope someone on this list know the solution.
I'm using md5 as encryption in pam-ldap. 
I hope someone can help me.

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