[Samba] samba upgrades deletes printer driver pointers

Dave dmehler26 at woh.rr.com
Sun Dec 16 15:12:46 GMT 2007

    I'm running a samba and cups combo on a Centos 5.1 machine. It's acting 
as a lan print server. I used pointprint to upload drivers to the samba 
share so that windows clients could obtain them. This was working fine until 
i'm assuming the upgrade 5.0 to 5.1 on centos, when samba was upgraded. The 
driver paths are still there, drivers, shares, but the .tdb files are not. 
When i try to connect to the printer and download drivers i'm told that the 
samba server does not contain the needed drivers. Short of a reinstall is 
there a way to recover?

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