[Samba] Setting up PDC using Linux

Muthukumaran Saravanan saravanan at ccatgroup.com
Sat Dec 15 01:54:51 GMT 2007

Dear All,
Iam working in IT service company. In our customer places we use Linux
File server with SAMBA. Just we have a simple shared folder and connect
iwht all windows machine.

Now our customer requirments is different. He needs to setup same like
windows server.
1) Linux Server should act as gateway for all the computers in the network.
2) Need to contorl the ports for every computer, like messangers,printers
and others.
3) Each and every user should have saperate login, using their logint they
can connect to the server and each and every one should have a saperate
set of access rights.
4) Certain folder needs to be shared within some groups with different
permission for some users in group with all permission for some user only
read permission.
5) Some folder should be shared between some groups with varios permissions.
6) There will be 2 or 3 folders which should be shared with everyone with
full rights.

How to setup this i want your supports, iam not master in Linux, i know
how to install Linux and configure SAMBA.
Iam using REDHAT Linux AS4 as well fedora core 4.
How to do the above requirments. If some of you could provide be some link
or tips i can try to do this.

If the setps are in GUI mode operations it will be better.

Wating for all your sugesstions.

Thanks & Regards
Thanks & Regards
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