[Samba] SAMBA under window?

Michael Heydon michaelh at jaswin.com.au
Thu Dec 13 05:41:18 GMT 2007

Tim Bates wrote:
> Michael Heydon wrote:
>> but if you just want to share directories from the windows system 
>> then you really don't need samba. 
> What if you have a non-server version of Windows and wanted to use it 
> as a domain controller or do something more tricky than Windows allows 
> (especially XP Home's restrictive sharing options)?
> Then it would make sense... Sort of.
Maybe, in a way, although I would argue that running a domain from XP 
would be silly. If your network is big enough to need a domain, it is 
big enough to warrant a server and a server OS to do it properly.

In any case:

"Samba server are installed on window so that the linux devices can talk to web server
and window files system to do file transfer and all other things."

It sounds like he wants plain old file sharing, although I guess "all 
other things" could include "running a domain" or "making cheesecake" 
for all I know.

> TB
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