[Samba] Tearing my hair out:

Sherwood Botsford sbotsford at sjsa.ab.ca
Wed Dec 12 21:14:21 GMT 2007

I have a samba 2.2.8a PDC, no windows servers at all.
The local network works.  Conan, the PDC also acts as a WINS 
server.  Postie, the DHCP server sets:
option netbios-name-servers ;
option netbios-node-type 2 ;

All clients have lmhosts file with:   conan   #pre #dom:sjsa   postie  #pre

Last week I needed to reinstall a computer, named pixel
On server I ran
smbpasswd -a -m pixel
to reset the machine account password.

Pixel runs Win2k SP4

I go to Pixel and move it to the domain.
Usual signin and password of domain administrator.
Long Pause.  "Welcome to SJSA domain"


Now if I try to log in to a domain account, I get the message:
"The system cannot log you on to this domain because the system 
computer account in its primary domain is missing or the password 
on that account is incorrect."

Looking in pixel.log I see:

[2007/12/11 10:41:25, 0] smbd/password.c:domain_client_validate(1558)
   domain_client_validate: could not fetch trust account password 
for domain SJSA

Looking further, this is a common message in the log files, 
occuring just before shares connect normally.

Not sure what else to look for.

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