[Samba] Re: scannedonly samba anti-virus vfs module

Olivier Sessink lists at olivier.pk.wau.nl
Tue Dec 11 19:40:56 GMT 2007

Peter Eser wrote:
> Hi,
> only a feature suggestion:
> I tried something similar as your VFS Module but never completed it.
> I didn't create a second file (.scanned) for marking, but set an extended
> file attribute
> (getfattr, setfattr).
> I also marked the unscanned files, not the scanned, so that a completely
> scanned
> directory is plain from any extras (nicer for backups).
> I think for many files in the share the .scanned extra files can lead to
> problems

what kind of problems do you expect, can you give some more comments on

> and you have always to hide them.

true, but the module does this in the same way as non-scanned files are
hidden, so there is no extra code involved.

> Not all file systems have extended attributes (the most important have), so
> a configuration switch would be nice.
> As said, only a feature request.
> Besides your module is much appreciated. Connecting any virus scanner (or
> other tools) to samba shares is needed.

I might need some help to do that. I have never worked with attributes.
 Furthermore, right now the module is stackable (the underlying
filesystem can be another samba vfs module). I don't know if samba
features the getfattr and setfattr calls in the VFS layer, and it would
be great to keep the module stackable.

thanks for your comments,


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