[Samba] Migrating PDC: SID problem on 3.0.22

Lou Gascou ple001 at artic.fr
Fri Dec 7 11:22:42 GMT 2007


We migrate a lot of Samba/Solaris PDC servers on
Linux and have a weird problem with the SID on the
new server.

The passdb backend is smbpasswd.
Samba source and destination is 3.0.22
We compile samba ourselves and it is installed in /usr/local

1) I first copy the ./var/locks directory from the old server
to the same place is the new one.
I run _ net getlocalsid _ on the old server.

I verify that no secrets.tdb file is present in samba/private of
the new server.

I then run _ net setlocalsid sid_from_old_server _ on the new server.

I run _ net getlocalsid _ that displays the right SID.

I start samba and run _ net getlocalsid _ that displays the right SID
but users cannot find their profile.

I run _ net groupmap list _ that shows the mapping I did on the
old server plus new unmapped SID-RID for Domain Admins, Domain Users
and Domain Guests. Where do they come from ?

2) If I follow the same steps but does not run _ net getlocalsid _
before starting samba on the new server, all works fine and users can 
log on.

Did I something wrong ?
Why running _ net getlocalsid _ on a just set SID makes trouble in samba?

Thank you for your help.


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