[Samba] Good idea, but no reply: what to do.

Stef Bon stef at bononline.nl
Thu Dec 6 20:02:28 GMT 2007


since some time I've created a construction which:
- automatically detects all the smb hosts and their shares (with nbtscan and
- creates a directory in the homemap of the users logged in which represents
the "windows networkneighbourhoud". 
- when entering a share, it is automatically mounted (with autofs and cifs
and or smbfs)

It works very good, and now I've published it on HowtoForge:


I've asked the maintainer of howtoforge Falko Timme he would want to ask the
people of LinuxToday to make a link/shortcut to this howto, but sofar
the did not publish it.
The reason for it is not known to me. I can only gues. Too technical?

I'm a bit desparate about it. I know it's a very good construction, which
has potential. It lets you browse the networkneighbourhood, which is
detected automatically, no mather where you are, and you can enter the
shares whenever you want. This is done using automount and cifs. The latest
is making sure that the properties on files are represented properly and
ATTR/ACL's, links and inotify are supported. which is not the case with
other sollutions I know like the kio slaves and Fusesmb.

Futher this sollution is also usable in a netware environment (using other
utilities and of cource another mountprogram). 

Now I would like to ask for advice. What can I do? Any suggestion

Stef Bon

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