[Samba] 3.0.27a, ubuntu server7.10 auth issues

Chris Smith smb23 at realcomputerguy.com
Thu Dec 6 16:14:21 GMT 2007

On Thursday 06 December 2007, Dale Schroeder wrote:
> The links below all say the same thing concerning this error message:
> the version of libnss_winbind.so running does not match the version
> of winbind that is running.

In case it helps anyone:
Whenever I upgrade Samba on the boxes that run winbindd I can not rely 
on the simple "/etc/init.d/samba restart", as it leaves copies of the 
old winbindd running. I need to stop samba then manually kill all of 
the winbindd processes, then restart samba.


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