[Samba] Windows Vista file copying over openvpn

stoffell stoffell at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 12:50:11 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I'm using openvpn to connect to a public server that has Samba v3.0.24
installed on Debian etch. The connection is over the internet (from a
standard ADSL connection to a remote server on a 2Mbit LL).

The problem is copying somewhat 'larger' files from the client to the
server. Copying files of up to 2 megabyte goes well but larger files
fail (4 MB, 6MB, or more). The error message I get is "There is a
problem accessing C:\myfile.doc - Make sure you are connected to the
network and try again".

Doing the same thing with windows XP works. My conclusion is that
Vista is acting differently but why only with +2MB files...

I have already tried the same on an internal samba server (100 Mbit)
without OpenVPN, this works in Vista and XP.

Any suggestions or hints on how to troubleshoot this? I have already
applied MS KB932045 on the vista pc but without result.

thanks in advance for any hints,


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