[Samba] How to repair corrupt ntprinters.tdb?

Christoph Peus cp at uni-wh.de
Thu Dec 6 10:17:09 GMT 2007


we are using samba 3.0.24 as a printspooler for 80 network printers with 
  a 500kB ntprinters.tdb for some years now. When we recently restarted 
samba we noticed that the ntprinters.tdb automatically shrinked to 24kB 
and printing was no longer possible.
tdbdump of the original tdb-file is impossible too:
"Failed to open ntprinters.tdb"

The strange thing about this: we can solve the problem temporarily if we 
copy the original 500kB tdb over the shrinked version while samba is 
already running! So samba seems to accept the tdb-files contents if it 
has been started with a clean tdb-file.

Is there something like a tdb repair-tool? I would be lucky to find a 
way of getting all the settings out of this somehow corrupt tdb instead 
of rebuilding it from scratch...
Any ideas?



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