[Samba] missing packaging/Fedora/makerpms.sh

Ray Anderson rsa at rb-com.com
Thu Dec 6 03:17:31 GMT 2007

Mark Nienberg wrote:
> I downloaded the tar.gz file for 3.0.27a and I noticed there is not a 
> Fedora directory inside the packaging directory.  I'm fairly certain 
> there used to be one in older versions.  I'm groping now to figure out 
> how to build rpms for Fedora 4, which I know is a little old but I 
> don't have resources to upgrade the OS now. Was it intentionally removed?
> Mark

For my Fedora 3 and 4 machines out in the wild, I simply removed the 
rpms altogether and installed from source.

It was a painless procedure, even including the vscan vfs objects.

Symlink the config files to the /usr/local/samba/lib directory and it 
should work just fine.  Sure makes upgrading to later versions easier.  :)

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