[Samba] My Documents Folder Redirection to Samba Share

Michael Melia Jr. m.melia.jr at petrocelli.com
Tue Dec 4 17:44:29 GMT 2007

Does anyone know how to setup the smb.conf file for the my document
folder redirection in windows.  If I point it to a root share, with a
Microsoft file server, it will automatically create a folder for each
user with a my documents folder under that.  How can I get that to
happen with a samba share.  Using Debian Etch and Samba 3.0.24 and
fairly new to samba.  The default smb.conf makes mention of %S but also
says that it would need to be tweaked if using different auth schemes.
I am using ads with winbind with AD2003. Everything else works fine.


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