[Samba] smbd problem with inotify

Witold Tosta witold.tosta at neostrada.pl
Tue Dec 4 06:48:44 GMT 2007

>> 2. I've moved the share from one reiserfs partition to another formatted 
>> under reiser4 filesystem.
>> The problem occurs less than on reiserfs, but still happens.
> reiserfs is known to play badly with Samba, so unless you
> can reproduce the problem with ext3 I doubt anybody will
> seriously look at it.
> Volker

I've created ext3 partition and moved "kirchner" share into that ext3 

The issue (error) that I wrote in my main post still appears. Moving 
share into ext3 filesystem didn't change anything. I assume it is not 
filesystem matter.

I am starting to believe that it is the case of badly working gis 
software, not Samba server.

But I still don't know what does my samba error mean and what does this 

With regards

PS. Excuse my bad English please :-)

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