[Samba] Speed vs Windows systems issue

Michael St. Laurent mikes at hartwellcorp.com
Mon Dec 3 20:24:09 GMT 2007

> Please say just what registry changes you made. I'm following 
> through the
> link above and it talks about Win > Samba and Samba > Win lines and to
> choose the smaller of the two. My Samba line is *much* smaller than my
> Win line.
> 14:04:33.766520 IP Win.4926 > Samba.microsoft-ds: P 
> 631:719(88) ack 538 win 32931
> 14:04:33.766635 IP Samba.microsoft-ds > Win.4926: P 
> 538:642(104) ack 719 win 686
> Looks like my Samba is 686 and my Win is 32931. That seems really
> lopsided. I expected the Samba side to be larger.
> What does the 'P' mean?

The registry settings I'm referring to are the ones mentioned in the
KnowledgeBase articles.  They are values in the key:
terfaces\<Interface GUID>

I created DWORD TcpAckFrequency and set it to one.
I created DWORD TcpDelAckTicks and set it to zero.

The second part of your reply is about a part of the thread I didn't
understand too well either.

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