[Samba] Moving Roaming profiles between domains

Aaron J. Zirbes ajz at umn.edu
Mon Dec 3 14:49:04 GMT 2007

Perhaps you didn't retain the same domain SID?

This is typically done with:

net getlocalsid DOMAINNAME
net setdomainsid SID

...could be something else though...


Tirant Lo Blanc wrote:
> Hello!
> I need to migrate a SAMBA server PDC to another.
> After having installed and configured the new PDC the
> same way as the old one, I proceeded to move/copy my
> user profiles.
> I restored permisions user:group 700, and tried to
> login:
> - Login works ok, but my users configuration is lost
> and gone but not replaced: I mean, Some windows
> functions stopped to work. Windows acts weir.
> Is there a correct way to migrate roaming profiles
> between Samba servers?
> Should I have migrated my old samba server to the new
> in a different?
> Thanks
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