[Samba] Samba Mount Problem

Vijay Thakur turiyain at yahoo.co.in
Mon Dec 3 04:35:28 GMT 2007

Dear Tux Friends,

I am migration a MS Windows 2000 file server to OpenSuse 10.3. In the current working scenerio, there is one directory on Windows Server named "Common" with two shared directories 1) Inter Department 2) Intra Department 

This will will help to understand the directory structure:

===>> Common-> Inter Department
                                -> Intra Department

====>> Intra Department -> Service Department Tender, Exports, Accounts, Customer Care,Logistics

====>> Inter Department -> Tender, Exports, Accounts, Logistics

On the client end in Opensuse 10.3, I am mount a share by giving the command:

// Department/Service Department  /test cifs username=jackob,password=12345678

This is saying that share does not exist. 

And this is working fine, but not  my exact requirement:

// /test cifs username=jackob,password=12345678

Vijay Thakur
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