[Samba] Making a public drive where admin has write access

Chris Smith smb23 at realcomputerguy.com
Sun Dec 2 15:23:30 GMT 2007

On Sunday 02 December 2007, Dane Shea wrote:
> [public]
> comment = Public Shared Folder
> path = /home/public
> write list = DShea
> create mask = 0775
> guest ok = Yes

It's good to distinguish between other authenticated users and guests. 
Authenticated users may or may not have admin rights, but they are not 
guests. Guests are users that are not authenticated at all - some stranger 
walking in off the street with a laptop, plugging into your network could 
access a guest share.

First set the share up as read only, then give write privileges, but also 
decide if you really want guest access. Best to have an admin group that the 
admin users belong to, then you can have some more flexibility. Plus you may 
need to qualify the name with the domain.

Of course, even more flexible is a group that has write access that the admins 
belong to as well. That way you can easily give others write access by adding 
them to the write group with adding them to the admin group.


comment = Public Shared Folder
path = /home/public
read only = yes
write list = +"daneshea.com\admin"
create mask = 0775
guest ok = no

> NET USE J: \\\public <file:///\\\public>
> /USER:daneshea.com\DShea dane

Plain old:

net use j: \\<servername>\public

should work just fine. The same script for everyone.

If you're logged on as an admin (if dshea is in the admin group, and you log 
on as dshea, as an example) you will have write privileges, if you're not in 
the admin group you wont.


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