[Samba] Making a public drive where admin has write access

Dane Shea dane.shea at comcast.net
Sun Dec 2 07:56:23 GMT 2007

Hello I am trying to make a public drive where an admin has write access but
other users only have read access. I want to be able to mount the drive
automatically for the users and admin but I want the admin to automount with
write access using a batch file.  This is what my share looks like tell me
if it is right.



comment = Public Shared Folder
path = /home/public
write list = DShea
create mask = 0775
guest ok = Yes



Then the batch file looks like this:


NET USE J: \\\public <file:///\\\public>
/USER:daneshea.com\DShea dane



For some reason it mounts it but not with write access. I can't figure out



Thanks in advance



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