[Samba] smbldap-useradd not creating machine accounts in correct fashion

Ben Tisdall ben at tisdall.org.uk
Mon Apr 16 12:28:06 GMT 2007

On Fri, April 13, 2007 23:48, Edmundo Valle Neto wrote:
> Your script appears to be working right, "smbldap-useradd -w
> machinename$" should only create an account with posix attributes, the
sambaSAMAccount class and attributes will be added by samba when the
client is joined into the domain.
> You can see that in the IDEALX smbldap-tools user manual.

Thanks Edmundo and apologies for not having consulted the fine manual more
closely - I should know better.

In the end testing revealed that the tools were putting the machine
accounts under 'ou=computers,${suffix}' (as I wanted) but samba seemed to
be looking for them under 'ou=users,${suffix}', because if I reconfigured
the tools to put the accounts there then everything worked as expected.

This is odd as I have 'machine suffix = ou=computers' in smb.conf & now,
having now put things back as they were, everything's working!

Therefore I can only conclude that the issue was due to some typo that
I've now unwittingly corrected - odd, as I was logging samba at up to 4 &
saw nothing suggestive.


Ben Tisdall

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