[Samba] freeRADIUS with winbindd, ntlm_auth on Samba 3.0.24

Andreas Grupp grupp at elektronikschule.de
Sat Apr 28 07:21:12 GMT 2007


I want to use ntlm_auth together with winbindd for RADIUS-authentication
of users against the users of a Samba-server. The freeRADIUS-daemon and
the Samba-, winbindd- and ntlm_auth binaries are all on the same
machine. Samba works fine and the whole setup worked fine with Samba
3.0.22. Actually I have to set up this scenario on a machine with Samba
3.0.24 and it does not work at all :-(.

What have I done? I configured Samba and it works fine as file and print
server. On the server machine I joined the domain GRUPPNET (Samba-server
on the same machine) with the command 'net rpc join -S localhost -U
root'. For testing reasons I then started winbind with the command
'winbindd -iS -d3'. This gives the output:

added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Added domain GRUPPNET  S-1-5-21-2129464236-1235435130-779908843
Added domain BUILTIN  S-1-5-32
[ 4089]: list trusted domains

Afterwards the command 'wbinfo -t' gives the winbindd-ouput:

[    0]: request interface version
[    0]: request location of privileged pipe
[    0]: check machine account
[ 4230]: check machine account
could not open handle to NETLOGON pipe
Checking the trust account password returned NT_STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE

With 3.0.22 this worked fine! What's going wrong here with 3.0.24? Can
anyone give me a hint how to proceed to get this up and running?


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