[Samba] Samba & CUPS: only banner-page gets printed

Johannes Eckhardt johannes.eckhardt at ihs.ac.at
Fri Apr 27 14:26:20 GMT 2007

I didn't send my response to the samba-list by mistake. I've tried to 
print directly to CUPS with IPP but this fails too. So it's gonna be a 
CUPS problem.

Gary Dale wrote:
> There was also a suggestion that you test this by bypassing Samba and 
> printing directly to CUPS. Set up a network printer that prints to 
> http://<servername>:631/printers/<printername>. If you get the same 
> problem, it's CUPS, not Samba.
> Johannes Eckhardt wrote:
>> I'm using different HP LaserJet printers. One of them is a HP 
>> LaserJet 8150. The CUPS driver is HP-LaserJet_8150-hpijs.ppd from 
>> linuxprinting.org.
>> I'll paste this issue on a CUPS-mailinglist too.
>> Thanks

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