[Samba] question re multiple backends and the 'guest' backend

J Xu janix2000 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Apr 27 13:05:50 GMT 2007

> > I keep most of samba users in an ldap database
> > while still maintain a few users locally. This
> > gave me the flexibility that those users do not
> > depend on ldap.
> Exactly what I wanted to do.
> Actually I'm on Debian Sarge and have all my Samba
> users defined locally.


> But I can't do it, since I still need my "2/3 days
> a year" local user accounts, and newer releases of
> Samba don't allow me to do this
> (if I understand correctly).
> So my choice is :

> or :          
>         - ? Drop Samba (just joking)

>From the samba v3.0.23 release notes, samba developer
direct people to SLQ passdb module now maintained
third-party, http://pdbsql.sourceforge.net/.

I read that project tries to provide an external
module to re-enable the feature for samba,
particularly pdb_multi module enables samba to have
multiple passdb backends.

However, the latest version is for samba v3.0.23,
while on Debian etch we have v3.0.24. Some people
asked if the module works with samba v3.0.24 but got
no answer.

I'll probably have a try myself.

> This really sucks especially because at the system
> level user accounts
> CAN come from different places in a chained
> configuration with the
> help of /etc/nsswitch.conf

Exactly. With nsswitch.conf and pam, we can arrange
our system accounts in this flexible way. I really
wish to have similiar flexibility for samba accounts.

> Is there any good reason to have made this change ?
> Is there any plan to reintroduce the functionnality
> at a later date ?

Count my vote to re-introduce this feature.



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