[Samba] BindDN and password for Active Directory

Stellwag, Philippe philippe.stellwag at siemens.com
Thu Apr 26 09:43:44 GMT 2007

Hello @ll,

I have a general question to Active Directory (AD), not directly
concerning samba, but I think the experts of this list know the answer.

At my scope: I'm using a Windows XP PC which is logged on using
Microsoft AD domain and Kerberos (normal procedure). I want to find out
the BindDN and - if possible the appropriate password - for using it for
a query with the Linux tool "ldapsearch". The problem is that I haven't
an admin-access to AD-server.

(1) Where are BindDN (and password) saved (e.g. Windows registry)?
(2) Which encryption (e.g. none, SSL, TLS) is used by microsoft for the
AD-queries (standard Windows login over an AD-domain)?
(3) Can I use Ethereal for grep this information? If the answer is
"YES", what to do, to force Windows execute an login situation (e.g.
program -> execute as ...)?

Much thanks in advance.

Best regards

Philippe Stellwag

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