[Samba] winbind nss info : how does it handle multiple values?

Jonathan C. Detert Jonathan.Detert at msoe.edu
Wed Apr 25 20:38:43 GMT 2007

It looks to me like the 'winbind nss info' parameter is designed to be a
space-separated list of values.  I say this because:

1) i gave it two values, separated by spaces, and testparm(1) did not

2) the man page
( http://www.die.net/doc/linux/man/man5/smb.conf.5.html ) gives an
example of two values.

Assuming that's true, how do the multiple values work together?  Is
order significant?  I assume it is, and that it works like the
nsswitch.conf semantics:

	try each source, from left to right, stopping
	with the first source that yields a match.

Is that correct?  If not, how does it work?

I set it like so:

	winbind nss info = template sfu

with the following attribute also set:

	template homedir = /home/%U

but a 'getent passwd joeblow' returns the homedir recorded in Microsoft
A.D. via mssfu (which isn't in /home), even tho 'sfu' follows 'template'
in the list.

This looks like a bug.  I'm running v3.0.22.  According to v3.0.23
release notes, there was no bug like this fixed in v3.0.23, so it may
broken there too.

Please enlighten me if I'm wrong.



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