[Samba] peer to peer samba

rsernowski at kwhpipe.ca rsernowski at kwhpipe.ca
Wed Apr 25 10:37:55 GMT 2007


Having some password issues.

The plan is to have a linux box with samba , where users can backup files ,
shared files, etc

I would like to have it structured so:
1 folder called common that everyone has access to , password not required
1 folder for each department, accessible only by the user who belongs to
the  group, example Sales, accounting , production etc
 1 folder for each person to backup to. Only the specific user has access

I am using webmin
Created the folders
Created the users and groups
I am creating the folders under /home

I am getting signon box that says incorrect password  or unknown user name,
for all folders I have created.

I am new to Samba and Linux (Ubuntu) so looking for a good setup to solve

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