[Samba] PDC over PPTP VPN

Alex Harrington alex at longhill.org.uk
Wed Apr 25 10:57:21 GMT 2007

> Someone could have some ideas about how to solve this problem?
> I tried and tried but I didn't managed in solving it... :-( 

Is this Microsoft PPTP DUN or Poptop PPTPD?

There have been two new fixes for Poptop of late to fix packet ordering
bugs that cause some very strange behaviour. Perhaps this is an example?
Otherwise try lowering the MTU on the PPP link. If that still doesn't
work, you need to look at the traffic flowing over the link with a
packet sniffer and see where things break down. It's unlikely to be a
problem with the PDC based on your assertion that it works fine on the
LAN. I'd suggest that maybe you might get more help from the Poptop
users group?


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