[Samba] Issue with mounted drive

Phusion phusion2k at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 15:24:41 GMT 2007

We are having a problem remounting a Windows network share. Our server
is running RHEL4 ES that mounts a Windows network shares as a drive.
The Windows network shares are on Windows 2003 servers. The network
share can be mounted but when the Windows 2003 servers are rebooted,
the mounted drives goe down. I try to reissue the mount commands but
it doesn't work, it sits there and eventually times out.

We have a startup script /etc/rc.d/rc.local that unmounts and then
remounts the Windows network shares so when the server starts up it
can handle the network shares. I will include the script below.


# Unmount the Windows network shares
umount -l /mnt/users/SHARE_CDR/
umount -l /mnt/users/SHARE_MAD/
umount -l /mnt/users/SHARE_MIN/
umount -l /mnt/users/

# Mount the Windows network shares
mount -t smbfs -o
//wimail/usersweb /mnt/users
mount -t smbfs -o
//auxcr1/group\ files /mnt/users/SHARE_CDR
mount -t smbfs -o
//wimail/group\ information /mnt/users/SHARE_MAD
mount -t cifs -o
//mn1/group\ information /mnt/users/SHARE_MIN

The first three mounts are on a NT4 domain, while the last is on a
active directory domain. I can reboot the RHEL4 ES server and when
that reboots it gets mounted again, but how can I avoid doing it this


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