[Samba] Kerberos stopped working

Scott Braiding scott.braiding at qm.qld.gov.au
Tue Apr 24 05:10:20 GMT 2007

I'd look at DNS first, perhaps a problem with DNS running on the W2K


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Hi everyone,

I am in a real panic here and would appreciate any help.
I have students not being able to save any files!
I have a samba server that was joined to a win2k active directory and
running for months.

I dont know why, but now it isn't working correctly.
This error is filling my logs:

 krb5_rd_req(HOST/SAMBA.laa.edu.au at LAA.EDU.AU) failed: Wrong principal
in request
There are variations with HOST/SAMBA.laa.edu.au at LAA.EDU.AU,
HOST/SAMBA at LAA.EDU.AU, HOST/samba.laa.edu.au at LAA.EDU.AU  

I really have no idea what to do.
I can use kinit on any user on the domain successfully.


Amiel Heyde

Information Technology Services
Lilydale Adventist Academy
sysadmin at laa.edu.au

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