[Samba] can't list directories

Yifei Li yifli82 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 19:11:57 GMT 2007

We have a private  windows network which is running active directory, and we
use a FC4 box as a gateway/firewall to connect the windows network to
outside world. So the gateway has two NICs.

We're running samba server on the fc4 box and the samba server joins windows
AD as a member server.

We shared NFS-mounted home directories on the fc4 box using samba.

After the command 'smbclient //wingate/abc', we successfully connected to
abc's home directory and could list the home directory(the home directory
has permission 755 ). Then we changed into another directory in the home
directory without any problems, but we couldn't list that
directory (that directory has permission 700).

I googled for several hours but did not find anything that works for me. ( I
aslo disabled SELinux )

Any ideas?

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