[Samba] Re: Link AD to pre-existing UNIX accounts

Ralf Gross Ralf-Lists at ralfgross.de
Mon Apr 23 15:30:43 GMT 2007

CG schrieb:
> Ralf Gross <Ralf-Lists <at> ralfgross.de> writes:
> > I asked this a while ago and got the answer that this it not possible.
> > I think you've to remove the old users and change all existing files
> > that they own to the new winbind  uids  (find with the uid option).
> And there we go! I appreciate the pointer. I'm sure we were both hoping to 
> avoid that scenario, but it seems inevitable.

To be honest, I dropped winbind because the performance was too bad
with our huge number of AD entries. But this doesn't make life easier
at the moment...


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