[Samba] username map script never runs

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Sun Apr 22 11:37:36 GMT 2007

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CG wrote:
> I'm new to Samba, but have been reading manuals, faq's, and 
> list archives and  have been googling for a week. I can't
> figure out what's going on. Here's the  situation:
> I want to use winbindd to unify authentication for the users 
> who have both domain accounts and linux accounts and
> who use pop3/imap on my Linux SMTP/POP server.
> Security is set to ADS, and I have PAM authentication 
> functioning, but a feature I was depending on isn't working. I've
> tried both "username map" and "username map script" to map
> AD usernames to unix usernames. I was hoping that either one
> of those options would provide me the glue to attach one to
> the other. Winbindd doesn't use those options, though.

The "username map" parameters are only used by smbd and
are not related to winbindd or pam_winbind at all.

cheers, jerry
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