[Samba] Enter or quit a samba's domain in pdc

BACQUEZ informatique at porte-freres.com
Fri Apr 20 11:57:37 GMT 2007

>What key in your Windows? There isnt any need to change any key to make 
>a Windows client join a domain since the first version of samba 3 (I am 
>talking about several years). You can search the samba list history and 
>see that beeing asked several times.

I don’t have see that... sorry

>What the log says? If you are saying that the account really exists, 
>does samba accepts at least the root user list the server shares 
>locally? "smbclient -L localhost -U root". What "pdbedit -Lv root" 
>shows? "Samba by Example" has several examples step by step to configure 
>a server.

Yes of course. The account exists, "smbclient..." work and I enter the share in this method. But when I edit the pdbedit -Lv root, I had the line : 
Nothing in the station. It's normaly?

>Well, Im not a bash script guru, but I really dont know what %m$ means. 
>Principally inside a script to which wasnt passed any parameter 
>(parameters are referenced by %1, %2, etc). About your script, have you 
>really readed the samba docs, the part that shows how to join clients 
>automatically, and what should be in that line?

>Its in the docs, it shows all available ways.

%m, in samba, it's the netbios name of the machine. The docs say :

creating Machine Trust Accounts is
simply to allow the Samba server to create them as needed when the client
is joined to the domain.

add machine script = /usr/sbin/useradd −d /var/lib /nobody −g 100 −s /bin/false −M %u

It's for a RedHat configuration and mine is a Debian Etch.
I search the good script to enter automaticly the machines on samba, it's simple. 

>Search about "privileges" and the option "enable privileges = yes" in 
>the docs. This option make the users operations be executed as root on 
>the share only.

I'm not here yet but i will see for that. Thank

>Well, seams pretty obvious that you must be a local administrator of the 
>machine to change any network setting. Or you can search how to change 
>the Windows policies to allow other users to do what you want.

I don't want configure all the windows in my share to enter the root as local administrator. Like the option group "Local administrator" on a Windows Serveur, I want my personnal account be a share AND local administrator on all the machine.

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