[Samba] Re: change ldap accounts to samba ldap accounts

James Tran james at nttmcl.com
Thu Apr 19 18:34:39 GMT 2007

cyrus wrote:
> James Tran wrote:
> [snipp]
>> Ok since i can't do that stuff i have another idea.
>> The passdb.tdb file has all the samba passwords right?
>> Is there a way i can transfer the passwords from there into an ldap
>> directory easily for users?
> if you already have users and password in some backend you might want to
> look at pdbedit and its -e and -i switches. e.g. ldap properly
> configured as a passdb backend:
> pdbedit -e tdbsam -i ldapsam (try this with a test ldap store first!!!)
> cheers
>  Paul
that worked like a bloody charm... thank you.
Saved me hours of editing user accounts for ldap samba access.

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