[Samba] Cannot Access Linux Shares from Domain Client

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Thu Apr 19 18:18:15 GMT 2007

On Wed, Apr 18, 2007 at 12:11:50PM -0700, Dennis Clark wrote:
> If the client (WinXP Pro, SP2) is joined to a domain (Win 2003), the client is denied access to the linux share.  If the the ip address is used rather than the netbios name, access is granted.  If the client is not joined to a domain, access is granted using netbios name, as it should.  All users are affected including admin.  Group policies are in effect for the client but only one gpo is linked, with only a few settings.  Samba is acting as the wins server.
> Any ideas?

That's usually a krb5 problem. Failing by name / working
by IP means kerberos as when using IP the client doesn't
know the kerberos name to get tickets for so it falls
back to NTLM.

Check your clocks.


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