[Samba] Enter or quit a samba's domain in pdc

BACQUEZ informatique at porte-freres.com
Thu Apr 19 15:13:30 GMT 2007



I configured my domain under samba pdc. with bind and dhcpd for the network,
and samba for the sharing. Having correctly configured the global (I think,
because in workgroup it works very good, and testparm finds me no error), I
obtain following both problems:


1.	Refusal to join the domain. I modified well the key in my Windows, I
was kind enough to change domain. That recognized it because I fell at
request of account of the domain samba. But at the time of entering my root
and its password, I have the error message: "name of untraceable user ". The
root account exists well. But on the other hand not the account of the
machine. If I enter well the machine the users samba ( Adduser then
smbpasswd), I manage to enter the domain. Nevertheless, on my smb.conf, I
indeed have this:

add machine script = /srv/samba/addmachine.sh


With the script "addmachine.sh" like that:


# /bin/bash 
/usr/sbin/useradd -d /dev/null -G machines -s /bin/false -M %m$ 
smbpasswd -a -m %m$


I don't want enter all the netbios of my machines to join with the hand, one
by one.




2.	Go out of the domain. When I am finally in the domain (by adding the
post in the users samba), I created an account administrator with an uid of
0, which has him a reel counts on the server (personal home). I joined it to
the group @administrators, which have rights of administration with the
line. (in the smb.conf) :

           admin users = @admins


But when I want to go out of the domain, I have grey buttons under title:
"you must have to have an administrator account to be able to modify the
domain". I'm a basic user on my machine, and unable to modify some important
parameters of my machine: domain, ip adress, . I'm obliged to connect me in
local administrator to be able to make it.



Sorry for my English. I hope to be readable.





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